About Us

ddddThe Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy is a specialist osteopathy charity that makes osteopathy an option for children and families. The Osteopathic Centre for Children is the name of our dedicated paediatric clinic.

Our vision

Is of a world where any family can take a baby or child to consult a reputable paediatric osteopath who is safe and effective in the management of children; and where paediatric osteopathy is a respected option in promoting and managing childhood health, trusted by families and medical professionals.

Our mission

Our mission is to train skilled and knowledgeable paediatric osteopaths, research osteopathy for children, and provide excellent osteopathic care for children and perinatal women at our dedicated paediatric clinic. We treat all patients, regardless of their ability to pay for treatment. We always treat holistically to help restore, maintain and support health and well-being.

Kindness principle

We believe that kindness is inherent in the good practice of osteopathy. It takes many forms, from really giving our patients our full caring attention when listening to their health issues, to offering our services for free – asking families only to donate what they can to support our work. Many of our skilled osteopaths kindly volunteer their skills to benefit those who can’t access osteopathy in private practice.

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