What We Do

OCC_NS_2Our clinic

We operate the Osteopathic Centre for Children as a dedicated paediatric osteopathy clinic, offering specialist skills and experience, particularly for more complex cases, regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

Our clinics in Wandsworth, Shoreditch and the Starlight neonatal unit at Barnet Hospital treat more than 16,000 babies, children and women in the perinatal period each year.

We operate on the basis of kindness, offering our services to families for free, asking for a donation to support our work. Most of our osteopaths are volunteers – using their skills to benefit those who can’t access osteopathy in private practice.


We train registered osteopaths in the paediatric specialism, and provide ongoing professional development opportunities, to establish and assure a high level of skill, knowledge and competence in treating children.

To date, more than 200 osteopaths have graduated from our two-year, post-graduate clinical Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy course.


We conduct research into paediatric osteopathy, to address the current evidence gap, establish best practice and evidence effectiveness in the osteopathic management of children.

We are at the centre of a world-wide network of paediatric osteopathic practitioners. In addition to our Alumni members we have 42 Associate Members who practise throughout the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Australia, Israel and the United States of America.