What We Do

DSC_2048The Osteopathic Centre for Children was founded in 1991 by Stuart Korth (Director of Osteopathy) and Patricia Ferrall (Chief Executive) as a charity with the aim of offering osteopathic treatments as an option for all children regardless of their parents’ ability to pay.

The OCC’s pioneering model of practice and training has been recognised and adopted throughout Europe and further afield. After more than 20 years, the OCC is still the only charity of its type in the world, making osteopathic care accessible to all children and championing paediatric osteopathy all over the world.

DSC_2050Since its beginning in 1991, the OCC has achieved world-wide recognition for its work and, today, it is an established model of practice:

Our clinics in Wandsworth and Shoreditch treat 22,000 babies, children and women in the peri-natal period each year.

A team of osteopaths regularly works alongside hospital staff in the neo-natal unit of Barnet General Hospital, building awareness of the benefits of paediatric osteopathy and importance of our work within the ward’s staff and local communities.

It is a world-recognised learning institution. Each year, we offer 25 qualified osteopaths places on our unique Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy course. To date, more than 200 osteopaths have graduated from our two-year programmes.

We are the centre of a world-wide network of paediatric osteopathic practitioners. In addition to our Alumni members we have 42 Associate Members who practise throughout the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Australia, Israel and the United States of America.