Why choose osteopathy for my child?

Osteopathy is concerned with the structure of the body and its movement. Mechanical disorders, even when not obvious, have a profound effect on the functioning of all body systems, which is why osteopathy can be so beneficial. In babies and children it is particularly important to pay attention to the structure of the body, not only for immediate help with distress and disease, but to encourage healthy growth.

Osteopathy is about health and wellbeing as a whole, and treatment is holistic, so patients do not need to show any specific condition to benefit from our treatments. However, osteopathy can help to optimise the body’s resources and improve general health in patients affected by a vast array of illnesses.

Why the OCC?

Because there is no other charity like the OCC in the world – and we mean literally! Our clinic offers an effective alternative or complement to traditional medication and drug therapies. It is a non-invasive option that helps babies and children develop into normal strong infants and on into healthy adults. This can help reduce the amount of medical support an individual will need throughout his or her life, which means a healthier life and reduced costs to the NHS.

Although we ask our patients to contribute to the costs of keeping our clinics open, we do have some spaces reserved each day for those families in financial difficulty.  It remains the mission of the OCC to make osteopathic care available to all children, regardless of their families’ ability to pay.

At the OCC, families receive osteopathic care of the highest standard in an environment that offers them much more than a private practice. Our osteopaths are among the most experienced practitioners in the profession, which is why so many qualified osteopaths decide to do further training in paediatrics at the OCC.

In our headquarters in Wandsworth, mums and children are welcomed by a cosy and friendly atmosphere. Children can play and be among other children in our open plan clinic, where our osteopaths never wear ‘white coats’. We have a different team of dedicated osteopaths each day of the week, and every patient can be treated by more than one osteopath at the time. This means children can benefit from the combined experience of several osteopaths.

Osteopaths are also available to give information and advice both before and after treatment, and will always make referrals to other medical services where necessary.

Do you do cranial osteopathy?

Cranial osteopathy is not a different type of osteopathy, it is just one technique of many used by osteopaths. Our practitioners will select the most appropriate technique for each child.

Do you treat mums?

Yes, we do. In fact, we strongly recommend that all pregnant women have an osteopathic check-up in preparation for birth, as well as post-natally to help their bodies – and their babies – recover from delivery.The body is required to adapt a great deal during pregnancy and this is why women can suffer from a variety of aches and pains. Osteopathy gently enables the body to find balance and adapt to the changes pregnancy requires.

How much is a treatment?

We are a charity, and entirely reliant on donations to continue our work, as we receive no funding from government or NHS sources. We ask our patients to make a donation towards our work.

A new patient appointment costs the charity £80, and follow-ups cost us £40. We would be grateful if you could consider this when making your donation.

We work hard to subsidise our costs through fundraising, but we ask all our patients to give what they can afford, so that we can keep providing treatments to families in exceptional financial hardship.

Please do not be discouraged from coming to our clinic if you are unable to pay the full cost of treatment.

To maintain our promise to make our service available to all, regardless of ability to pay, we reserve a limited number of treatment slots each day to care for families in financial difficulty. We can be very discreet – please ask to speak to the Clinic Manager if you would like to use one of these slots.

You can find out more about treatment costs here

How soon can my child be seen? Is there a waiting list?

There are waiting lists for new patient appointments on some clinic days, but we will always offer you the first available appointment. Please ring and speak to the Clinic Manager if you need an urgent appointment and we will try to bring your appointment forward if a space becomes available.

How long is a treatment, and how many sessions are needed?

Your first one will be an hour long as the osteopaths will need to take details of patient’s history, details of pregnancy, birth and development to date.  This will be followed by treatment.  All follow-up appointments will be 30 minutes long.  The number of sessions needed is entirely dependent on the patient and the advice of the osteopath. Most new patients will need to return for further treatment, but the osteopaths will not advise follow-up treatment unless they think it is necessary.

What do I need to bring with me?

If the child has any specific medical condition, it would be useful for the osteopath to see any scan or medical record. For babies, bringing the red book would also be useful.

Will I have treatment on my first visit?

Yes, you will have treatment after your osteopaths has taken all the necessary information about you or your child.

Is there parking?

There is Pay and Display parking nearby in Point Pleasant.  It cost £2.40 per hour.