Treatment costs for children’s osteopathy

Thank you for giving what you can afford. Please help us cover the cost of treatment for those who can’t afford to pay.

We are a charity, and entirely reliant on donations to continue our work, as we receive no funding from government or NHS sources. We ask all our patients to make a donation towards the cost of their treatment, however, please don’t be discouraged from coming to our clinics if you are unable to afford to make a donation.

We work hard to subsidise our costs with fundraising, but we ask all our patients to give what they can afford, so that we can keep providing treatments to families in exceptional financial hardship.

What treatments cost

A new patient appointment (1 hour) costs the charity £80, and follow-ups cost us £40 (thirty minutes). We would be grateful if you could consider this when making your donation.

If you’re a UK taxpayer, we can claim an extra 25% from the government on top of any donation you make. So a donation of £64 would cover the cost of a new patient appointment as we could claim £16 Gift Aid from HMRC, and £32 would cover a follow-up as we can claim £8.

Gift Aid enables us to make up the full cost of your appointment at no cost to you.

What if I can’t afford £64 (or £32)?

It’s better that your child/ren (or you) get treatment. You are welcome to come to your appointment and donate as much as you can afford.

After this you could set up a direct debit to donate a manageable amount of money to the charity each month. This would help us a great deal. Alternatively you could fundraise to cover the costs of your treatment.

We’d be delighted to talk through how you could support us with fundraising, either for your own treatment or for others.

Need to have a chat with us?

To maintain our promise to make our service available to all, regardless of ability to pay, we reserve a limited number of treatment slots each day to care for families in financial difficulty. We will be discreet in discussing and managing this sort of arrangement.

Please speak to our Clinic Manager if you would like to use one of these slots.


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