Donate A Day

Volunteer with us without leaving your clinic

As an osteopath, we know you appreciate the benefits paediatric osteopathy can bring to babies and children. The OCC delivers treatment to all families on a donate-what-you-can basis, and we’re calling on all osteopaths to help support our work by taking part in our Donate-a-Day campaign.

Building on the success of last year’s Donate-a-Day, we’re re-launching this campaign on the UK’s Giving Tuesday, that is 28 November 2017. Throughout that week, you and your colleagues can work alongside us to make treatments available to families who otherwise couldn’t afford osteopathy, by donating the cost of a treatment, a half-day or a full-day clinic fee.

Without the support of our osteopaths the charity wouldn’t be able to help families in need in the same way, and we’d have to ask patients to pay private consultation fees for their treatment. We know this would put treatment out of reach for a large number of our patients, and undermine the very reason we exist.

Can you give some of your time to help us reach more children?

How it works

It’s really easy. We promise.

  1. You register your interest with us using this simple form
  2. We’ll send you some posters and email you with some info and other bits to make you really feel part of our work, and help you spread the word at your clinic (and beyond) about the work you’re doing with us
  3. On the day we’ll email you with handy hints and tips, reminding you to let your patients and followers know you’ll #DonateADaytoOCC
  4. You can make your donation easily via JustGiving or send us a cheque… just please don’t put cash in the post (no-one still does this, right?). JustGiving makes it easy for you to make your donation go further with GiftAid so we’d love it if you could donate online.
  5. We’ll spread the word about your work for us through media and social media, including via our friends at the Institute for Osteopathy
  6. Everyone gets a warm fuzzy glow, and we’ll follow up to let you know how much we raised together.

If you’re not an osteopath, we’d still love for you to get involved in our work and fundraising.