Sweet Pea Vine of Kindness Campaign


In 2017, we’re celebrating 20 years since the life-changing impact Princess Diana’s kindness had on our charity.

Princess Diana visited our clinic in 1997. Her visit and the subsequent donation from The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund had a bigger impact than anything else on our charity, enabling us to continue treating babies, children and pre/post-natal mums on a donate-what-you-can basis.

Celebrating kindness

Working in this way has meant parents can afford to bring their children for as many treatments as they need. Some parents can’t afford to give. Some give more. Some fundraise. This, together with the collaborative nature of how the osteopaths work, creates a powerful atmosphere of kindness.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Sweet Pea Appeal Princess Diana was due to launch just six days after she died, we’re growing a Sweet Pea Vine of Kindness and are looking for memories and thoughts on kindness to add to it.

Help our Vine grow

Tell us about how the OCC has helped you or your family and friends. Or you can share any kindness you’ve experienced at the clinic, or just what kindness means to you. We’ll pop it on a sweet pea petal and add it to our vine.

Just send your thoughts on kindness to stories@fpo.org.uk or add them to Twitter using #occkindness or Facebook. Do let us know your name and connection to the clinic as it helps to create a real picture.

Presentation to the Princes

On 30 August, we presented a basket of sweet pea messages and flowers to Prince William, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Price Harry. They were fascinated to hear about our work and the lasting legacy of the donation from The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. We hope this will be the start of a new relationship with the young Royals.

We are continuing to grow our Vine, so please keep sending in your messages of kindness.


Thank you for supporting the Sweet Pea Vine of Kindness Campaign!

How we will use your quotes

We will be using your quotes in the media and marketing communications for up to five years, including, but not limited to, newsletters, publications, marketing, press releases, websites, briefings, mailings, media, social media and audio-visual productions. Email stories@fpo.org.uk if you wish to stop this.