The Sweetpea Legacy

IMG_6172Leaving a gift in your Will enables the Osteopathic Centre for Children to continue supporting families, ensuring their children continue to benefit from our services.



The importance of making a will

A Will is an opportunity to do something amazing and lasting!  It is also the only way to make sure that your money, assets and belongings are distributed in the way that you want.

About two thirds of the population still fail to make a Will. Charitable legacies are not currently subject to inheritance tax and so any gift you leave to the Osteopathic Centre for Children will be tax-free.

Leaving a gift to us may also bring the amount of your estate below the inheritance tax threshold meaning more of your money will go to the causes you wish to support.

How to remember us in your will

It is easy to leave a gift to the Osteopathic Centre for Children in a new or existing Will. It is simple and inexpensive to have a Will drafted by a Solicitor.  A Will does not just contain details of who your assets should go to but can also include your funeral arrangements.

If you have already made a Will, you will need to make an amendment.  This is simple to arrange through a solicitor and is known as a codicil.

Your gift to us could be:

  • A Residuary Legacy – the remainder of your estate or a percentage of your estate after all other gifts have been deducted.  This also has the benefit of keeping pace with inflation.
  • A Pecuniary Legacy – the gift of a specified amount.  Remember, time and inflation can reduce its value.
  • A Specific Legacy -the gift of a specific item.

Should you wish to discuss leaving a gift in your Will to us or if you would like any further information please contact the fundraising department on 020 8875 5291.

Alternatively, you can download, complete and return the pledge form to: Osteopathic Centre for Children, 22A Point Pleasant, London SW18 1GG.