What to expect

The clinic itself is open-plan and is full of osteopaths, parents and children of all ages. We’ve tried to make it as warm and friendly as possible. For example, none of the staff at the clinic wear white coats. This approach to clinical treatment tends to be reassuring for children. We encourage patients and their families to talk to us and ask us any questions about our work or their treatment.

What will happen at the clinic?

  1. Your osteopath will take details of your child’s condition or symptoms and also some details of the pregnancy, birth and development. Some of these details may seem irrelevant but are often useful to the osteopath.
  2. After that, you or your child will be examined. This starts with the observation of movement and posture. The osteopath may ask you or your child to perform some simple movements and exercises.
  3. The osteopath will place his or her hands gently on the patient to feel how the body is moving. It may look as if nothing is happening but the osteopath will be concentrating on feeling different parts of the body and its very subtle involuntary movements. Treatment may involve gently releasing any tensions that are found in the body.

Please feel free to ask questions before, during and after treatment.

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